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The taygeta star exploded on the scene in July 2008. Since then we have worked hard to establish two studios in the UK and also in Brazil. We have a team of top-quality creatives and clever people who mix art and design with marketing expertise.

taygeta has over 25 years professional experience working in the creative industries. We've done it all. International marketing campaigns, branding, art direction, publishing, and video. We've also won a few awards along the way.

taygeta has studios in the UK and Brazil with a whole range of lovely clients in London, Oxford, Bath, Lisbon, São Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Shetland Isles, London. Our clients love the fact that we are multi-lingual. We are fluent in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Communication sem problemas, senza problemi, no problemo .... no problem!

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taygeta has been influenced by a great number of artists and designers: Kandinsky, Klee, Muller-Brockman, Rand, Gropius, Miro, Picasso, Kerouac, Kafka, Moore, Bill, Bass, Miles, Liebowitz to name just a few.